By sheer luck, I connected with Dr. Shafran and thanks to him, my experience with locums was truly what I sought-ease, fulfillment, and success. By phone and by text, he spent hours-yes hours-teaching me the ropes. He taught me how to ask the right questions when considering an opportunity; how to negotiate; consideration of extra pay opportunities like time and a half; consideration of time change when traveling out of state; consideration of flights; which hospitals, hospital systems, and/or specific geographic locations to avoid. Simply put, Dr. Shafran knows it all!

M. Hyman, MD


After 20 years of private practice at a non-profit community hospital, a large hospital corporation acquired our local institution and I was terminated. I was completely devastated having my employment and practice taken away from me in the blink of an eye, only being told it was for a “business decision”. Depressed, uncertain, confused, and pondering what my future held I was put in touch with Dr. David Shafran. Dr. Shafran has been a practicing urologist for over 25 years and has experience with all forms of practice including private, hospital, and locum’s work. Having been through a similar transition himself he provided excellent counsel, understanding and advice during my transition. I would highly recommend consulting with Dr. Shafran.

S. Sech, MD

North Carolina

I am a Urologist and will be coming off of my first locums assignment towards the end of December, 2020. The position was with an established hospital system with high penetration throughout California and the southwest. It was a very favorable experience and I’m grateful to Dr. David Shafran who imparted wisdom to me based on his experiences, having worked on numerous assignments with different locum tenens companies.  A mutual Urologic colleague put us in touch and it was clear from the outset that Dr. Shafran knows what he is doing.

E. Sussman, MD


Dr Shafran was invaluable in helping me find the appropriate locum tenens company to satisfy my specific needs. His experience in navigating and negotiating the intricacies of locum contracts and compensation with hospitals and recruiters is unparalleled . Given the current marketplace for physicians, his advice gained over the years as a locum MD is and will continue to be invaluable.

T. Stamatakos, MD

North Carolina