Consulting Services

Transitioning from full-time to temporary employment comes with a lot of change in your life. There are many things I learned the first few years doing this type of work.

My goal is to help you manage your conversations with the companies you might work with.

I can help you:

Avoid pitfalls when communicating with Locum Tenens companies

Ask appropriate questions regarding the job the company is offering

Negotiate a contract, including your salary

Learn about both state licensing and DEA management

Navigate housing and other related issues

And more

I have worked with several companies and have learned the ins and outs of working with these companies. In addition to offering advice about the work you will be doing as a provider, I can give advice on the companies I have worked with and things that can be negotiated, in addition to a salary. Overall, my goal is to help you feel comfortable with your ultimate decision regarding future employment opportunities. You will need to feel comfortable with the final decision on your employer with each job you might take.


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