Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a temporary provider needed?

Reasons for job openings can vary by position. Knowing these details can give you insights on what you might be stepping into.

Who is the contract with?

The contract you sign is with the Locum Tenens company, not the hospital or clinic. You are now not only being asked to follow the typical rules set forth in bylaws of a hospital, but the contract with the Locum Tenens company.

Should I work with different companies?

Multiple companies will typically have access to the same job offering being posted by a hospital or clinic. If you don't like what one company is offering regarding the position, another offer might be better. Although some jobs advertised by hospitals or clinics are given out to one individual Locum Tenens company in an exclusive contract, this is not the typical scenario.

Can I negotiate with a Locum Tenens company?

Absolutely. I have found it beneficial to work with multiple companies. The Locum Tenens company you work with on any particular job of course has your best interest in mind. A satisfied physician will be back to work with this company again. But you need to realize they are trying to run a successful business, negotiating with the hospital for their pay in the same way you are negotiating with them.

What are the red flags?

Some job offerings are provided on an exclusive basis to Locum companies. Some Locum providers opt to stay away from certain hospital corporations. Understanding why might help you decide if this is a job worth pursuing.

When should I agree to a job offer?

All the aspects of the job, including pay, should be in writing before allowing them to “present” you to a hospital or clinic.

Do I work with all health care providers?

Over the last few years, I have met several nurses who are working within a Locum Tenen capacity and have gathered much information from them that could prepare you for a new career.

How can my experience help you?

As you can see from the issues presented, making this change is not an easy decision. It is a complete change not only in your lifestyle, but your family’s as well. In addition to the above issues, health insurance, managing 401K’s, running a business are all things that might be new to you. I have navigated my way through a lot of these changes and can hopefully help you as well. If you wish to discuss this further, feel free to contact me for an initial no obligation consultation.


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