locum tenens noun | lo·​cum te·​nens | \ ‘lō-kəm-tē-nenz, -nənz \

Medical Definition of locum tenens:
a medical practitioner who temporarily takes the place of another

Work Less. Enjoy More.

I am a board-certified Urologist who, after 20 years of practicing in a traditional setting, has spent the last 5 years practicing medicine in a Locum Tenens capacity, which means working in numerous different geographic locations as well as in a wide variety of professional settings. By doing so, I have systematically gathered information and ideas on how to navigate the complex world of working with Locum Tenens companies. Although I sometimes miss the long-term relationships I built with my patients in private practice, I have grown to love the flexibility, free time, travel opportunities, and variety Locum Tenens offers. If you’re contemplating this type of career change, with the ultimate goals of continuing to enjoy the practice of medicine, while working less, stressing less, and enjoying more of the things you love to do, contact me at the link below to get started. I look forward to sharing Locum Tenens best practices with you.

"By sheer luck, I connected with Dr. Shafran and thanks to him, my experience with locums was truly what I sought-ease, fulfillment, and success. By phone and by text, he spent hours-yes hours-teaching me the ropes. He taught me how to ask the right questions when considering an opportunity; how to negotiate; consideration of extra pay opportunities like time and a half; consideration of time change when traveling out of state; consideration of flights; which hospitals, hospital systems, and/or specific geographic locations to avoid. Simply put, Dr. Shafran knows it all!"